Travel Dreams

Welcome to our journey. Seems we are just beginning in a world already full of catchy and share-worthy blogs. I/we are just dipping our toes in the water.

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Our Travels

Some folks would say, "We have ONLY visited 2.17% of the world", but we see this as, "We are JUST 88.83% shy of seeing this Great Big World".

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Blame It on the Mouse

Truth is, we are Disney Addicts... and IF, just IF, we did not frequent Disney as much, we would have the means to explore MUCH more of this amazing world. But much like bacon is to a dog, Disney is to us.

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Since 1993

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Welcome to our site and our blog. We have just re-launched the website as hope to that our travel adventures and misadventures evolve into something more elaborate and meaningful.

As of today, September 2018, we are just beginning to document our previous travels and share tips, how-to's, opinions, thoughts and advice from our encounters.

Our ultimate wish (more of my 'my ultimate wish') is to create a life of full-time traveling with my girls, but alas, we will make due with what we can and are able to do. God has given us way too much and we are so appreciative, but he also created this great big beautiful world, we just want to explore more of it.

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