2019 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, Take 1

2019 marks the 26th year of my favorite festival held annually by the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando. But sadly, I can use both hands to count the years I have attended – don’t judge… (we moved out of state for a few years), but we are back and wouldn’t miss it for the world – meaning, we will definitely attend – and attend we did.

This was just a quick day trip, which believe it or not, you can do AND enjoy Epcot.. all you have to do it take it slow, stop and smell the flowers…. HAHAHAHA. Speaking of flowers, look at this glorious photo I snapped just as the Monorail swished on by… I never really knew MONORAIL MONDAY was a thing until Instagram, and I legit snapped a fantastic pic….;)

Our quick trip served 2 purposes:

  1. enjoy the concert series
  2. walk the baby right out of the womb

Ok, so can I say that neither happened. NOPE. NONE. So, my pregnancy brain (I’m the grandma, but I am giving myself permission to use that as an excuse). In my mind and musical heart, we wee going to jam out to a new addition to the line up (drum roll……), AIR SUPPLY. Uhum, but we were a day early, so we nixed it and drove home. It’s OK, we will be back again in April and once again in May. (so let me write it here so I will not forget)… MAY 15 – Richard Marx (new to Garden Rocks) ANDDDDDD…. a flagship and staple… Starship, starring Mickey Thomas on Thursday May 16. I have already asked for the days off at work, reserved my onsite Disney hotel and have been practicing my best Mannequin poses 😉 Oh, and number #2.. nope, all we got were swollen feet, but no Disney baby… ALAS. LOL

Epcot is gorgeous year-round, but decorated with perfect rainbow colors of flowers and Disney Magic, makes it almost surreal. This festival is definitely not as “busy” as their Food and Wine (which is almost impossible to walk freely). This Flower Fest is a spring surprise each year with topiaries doing their best impression of our childhood dreams. What amazes me the most is that NOT ONE leaf or flower is out of place… it’s as if they were read their Miranda rights and they have decided to remain silent (and still), again, Disney Magic, which is real by the way.

This post is not filled with vast information on the special tours or food booth scattered across the seven seas lagoon… Just mainly a quick blogello and some festival pics. I will wait until our May trip and it justice when I have more time.

Pssst…. EPCOT at night is equally (if not more) amazing

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