It’s a BIG WORLD – We Want To Explore It

Three different ages, three different takes on life, and yet, we all have the commonality of loving to explore and go on adventures. I guess it is in the DNA. Although we have not ventured out into the great unknown, we have marveled at some of our beautiful America and just keep yearning more. We dream big and work hard, so we can travel harder.


Our Story

We work, we go to school, we live the “normal” life.. but in the moments between, we dream… DREAM of adventures and exploring. God made such a beautiful world and planet – he made it for us to LOVE it, CARE for it and ENJOY it.

We strive for 1 BIG trip per year and many mini ones scattered about, and do not forget Disney – WE LOVE DISNEY.

Follow us as we try and do just that. LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN

The Girls


Mama Bear, Shakti Spends part of her days wondering how to become a super-travel guru and creating amazing travel itineraries in her head. The other part of her days are spent mothering her 2 gorgeous girls and NURSING professionally. She  follows GOD and loves her country. Although she won’t divulge her age, she celebrates her birthday on January 19th, and does not mind anonymous birthday gifts.


Mama Bear In-Training A 20-something beauty coming into her own. Her real-love may actually not be traveling, but the arts and music.. still, she tags along with Mama Bear to explore the great big world out there. It is becoming evident, however, the older she gets, the more the travel itch gets to her. Alessandra brought a new little traveler into the world on April 1st..


Bear Cub Young at heart, Bella is an old soul with a deep love for adventure, exploring and learning about the world around her. She thoroughly enjoys doing research on upcoming trips, destinations and exciting facts. Having just turned the ripe-old 6 years-of-age, she is destined for great things with her wide-eyed and fresh approach of the unknown world.