Fake Reviews

Hello all… I am linking a very interesting article from the Frommer’s site, by Arthur Frommer himself. In essence, it puts doubt in my mind about actual reviews on TripAdvisor, or any review, on that matter. I am not generalizing, because I KNOW some of those reviews to be valid and made by legitimate people, for I have made several reviews in my day.

As I find my way in this ‘influencer’ world, I am honing in closer of what I want to achieve and accomplish. And reviewing experiences, accommodations, resorts, restaurants, etc is definitely one of my main objectives. And so, this article stings a little because it may add clout to my reviews – my forthcoming reviews that is. Maybe I was a little naive, or just didn’t think of such practices (out-of-sight, out-of-mind you), but I really GENERALLY thought that reviews WERE THE WAY TO GO when choosing between a, b,c, d, e… – you get the picture. bah-humbug.

Anyway, have a looksie… What do you think?