Well, look at you!

Yes you... I am spreading the love around in my sweet-grandmaesque way, because you know... I will be one in about 6 months’ time. YIPPIE. Shhh, this may be how some of my friends and acquaintances find out. Ok, so now that you know such an intimate detail about me, let me introduce myself, as this IS my first blog post on this site.

My name is Shakti (which you likely already know as you have perused the About Us page)... My girls and I are beginning to document our travels - share with you our experiences, highlights, mishaps (everyone loves those.. come on, admit it), and hopefully some great tips (if we have any). I personally would love to inspire both the traveler and non-traveler with great story-telling and vibrant, vivid pictures of lands far away, and the small town right next door. Seems like a novel idea, right. WRONG... We are wayyyyy late to the game, I mean the platform (shame in calling it a game). There are hundreds (if not more, like thousands), of catchy, theme-specific, share-worthy blog sites with tons of content. That is OK, because I have the passion for adventure, exploring and traveling this great big world, and by golly, I am going to do this. Ii may be the hard, long and expensive way, but eventually, I WILL get this.

I know there are SECRETS out there, but they are NOT free. And I get it, people sell their knowledge, it called BUSINESS. But I do NOT want to spend any money of signing up for a class to then be "sold" something for more money and gain secrets and tips. I am NOT into this travel blogging for the money, I have a job (a job that I LIKE ALOT and am quite good at). I have a mortgage, a first-grader and about to be a grandma from my 20-something girl. I cannot be gallivanting about alllll the time, BUT I want to do more gallivanting about.

I would love to travel with purpose; not just for me, but to inspire others and create amazing content

  • I WANT brands to reach out to me/us to markets their products
  • I WANT tourism boards, Hotels & Resorts to reach out to me/us to explore their locations and create such content
  • I WANT adventure outfitters to reach out to me/us to do some crazy, (not-so-crazy) dare-develing "stuff"


Subscribe to our post and be patient. I think it will be awesome.